K6 + Grafana without InfluxDB

Is it possible to use a different aggregator to connect K6 to Grafana? Something like Prometheus or Splunk?

Hi @eden123
k6 outputs to different … outputs/collectors (the terminology isn’t really straightened out) and it does some support some amount of those.

One that it supports and is fairly common is InfluxDB and it just so happens that Grafana works really well with InfluxDB so at some point this was started to be the proposed way to use k6. But k6 has nothing to do with Grafana in any way, it doesn’t really support anything Grafana specific - it supports InfluxDB which is in itself is supported by Grafana as a source.

K6 also support other outputs, but not Prometheus or Splunk. Some people have used other tools to translate from one that k6 supports one they need and you can do the same.

I hope this clears things out and helps you, Good luck!


I will try those solutions
Thank you!

Hi @eden123 !
Check my xk6-prometheus extension: GitHub - szkiba/xk6-prometheus: Prometheus HTTP exporter for k6
I hope it can helps you!