Grafana 'k6 app' only for Cloud data?


I’m trying to understand if the k6 App that’s downloadable (k6 Cloud App plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs) can ONLY source data from k6 cloud (via an API key) or if I can use my own test runs / influxDb data source? We don’t have a k6 cloud subscription but need a way to present the data. If one needs to upload the data to Cloud then I don’t see the ‘cost benefit’ of using Grafana instead?

Maybe I’m missing something, but happy to be corrected!


Hey Jaco,

I’m not familiar with that cloud app plugin so I will let others answer for that.

Though if you wish to present test data in grafana you have many options, some of which I was recently trying out for my own projects.

Have a look at some of the guides on sending your data to influxDB or TimescaleDB and presenting them with the included grafana dashboards. This all works with the open source version and doesn’t require the k6 cloud.

Thanks @mattyboz

Yeah I’m aware of those integrations however I’m also looking for the per HTTP Url breakdown, something I’ve only noticed with cloud and the aforementioned Grafana app plugin?

Are you getting the per URL breakdown? The documentation is not clear on that.

Yes, the dashboard included in the timescaledb does anyway by default.