Long term storage of k6 results?

I am wondering what fellow community users use to store k6 results longer term. I am trying to put together some dashboard / report to compare test results. Output in various metrics systems such as Datadog / InfluxDB etc is nice to visualize per test results but it would be difficult to compare the test over test results since actual timestamps are not always available to query.

i would like to learn if anyone has solved this with some custom solution.


Hi @fmm, welcome to the community forum!:tada:

Our CEO, @robin, did have an PoC of something like that using timescaledb which currently should be mostly usable from the extension made for it.

It turned out I forgot to move the dashboard giving you what testids have run and links to their dashboards, but that should be fixed now.

This still doesn’t have a dashboard to do “compare test run id X to Y”, but if you manage to make it, we will be interested in merging it :). @codebien did found this which seems like what you will need :thinking: - I also opened an issue about that

Maybe some instructions are a bit … dated or not checked, so feel free to ask questions and propose fixes.

Hope this helps you

Thanks so much. these are great pointers. I will take a look and experiment a bit :slight_smile: