K6 OSS and K6 Cloud Dashboard Integration

Hi Team,

Due to data and security policy if I plan to run the test on our local environment. but I want to push the results (not scripts) only to the K6 cloud dashboard for better monitoring and storing results data.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. In that case how about the cost?
  3. Any customization need to amend on the script level (especially to compare runs and maintain history)?
  4. Observing some additional calls generated by the test, is there is way to disable it


Hey Gerard,

You can push locally run test results to our cloud service with the -o cloud flag. e.g. k6 run nameOfYourScript.js -o cloud. We would ingest the metrics k6 outputs, store them and display the visualizations.

For our self-service plans, the pricing is the same. Our online plans are pretty aggressively priced for quick and easy self-service and we try to limit having too many different skus (we’ve tried in the past and it confused users buying the wrong things).

You don’t need to change anything on the script level, we ingest the metrics.

As for the k6 OSS usage reporting, you can read more about what we send and how to disable it here: Usage collection