Is it free to streamline test results of k6 tests from a CI?

Hi there,

I have this working but I don’t see it using anything from the free subscription of k6 cloud.

I have my k6 tests running in CircleCI and all the results from every GitHub pullrequest is streaming its results to k6 cloud, just for better visualization and periodically analysis.

I know that in this k6 cloud doc it says that k6 charges your subscription for cloud streaming, but I really don’t see that it consumes anythinging from my k6 free cloud plan.

This would be super amazing if true! I could use k6 cloud to streamline my tests there and analyse over time.

Thanks for making such awesome tool for performance testing!

Hey @moonbridge - Tests streamed to the cloud using -o cloud do count towards your usage. I took a look all recent usage and can see that streaming tests are being correctly counted. Perhaps you are looking at usage in the wrong spot.

We can help you understand this, but i think it would be best for you to drop us a note at to discuss further.

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Hey @mark ,thanks for the reply. I have another account with another project and organization so there is still 0.

However, I was using k6 run --out cloud and not -o cloud. Is that the same then?

Hey @mark
Now I see that actually it is using subscription’s usage but on a daily basis. Today, I had 11 test runs so it shows 11 of 50.

Is this correct that it only counts towards daily usage?

Update @mark
No issues anymore, now consuming subscription normally. Probably I was in a trial first 7 days or something so it was on a freeze.