What should I consider in analyzing test results from k6 cloud?

Hi all. I am new to k6. I just created a script for a single scenario then I ran it locally via Visual Studio Code in my computer and I integrated the results in k6 cloud using –out cloud command in terminal upon execution.

My script was configured to run 170 users under 5 minutes. I also added some thresholds. Please see below script option:

export const options = {
    ext: {
        loadimpact: {
            projectID: #####,
            // Test runs with the same name groups test runs together
            name: "#######",

            distribution: {
                "amazon:sg:singapore": {
                    loadZone: "amazon:sg:singapore",
                    percent: 100,

 stages: [
        { duration: "1m", target: 170 },
        { duration: "3m", target: 170 },
        { duration: "1m", target: 0 },

    thresholds: {
        http_req_failed: ['rate<0.01'], 
        http_req_duration: ['p(99)<=3000', 'p(95)<=3000', 'avg <= 3000'], 

After generating the test results in the cloud, I am not sure what actual/main Response Time or other data results I should consider.

As per requirement, the Expected KPI (During Peak Load) of that scenario is less than or equal to 3 seconds. If it is <= 3 seconds…then it is PASSED. If it is greater than 3 seconds…then is FAILED.

What specific part of the different displayed test data results in K6 cloud should I refer/consider to know if it is passed or failed as per requirement?

Any help or discussion means a lot to me. Appreciate the help! Thank you so much!

Hi there, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If any thresholds had failed, you would see them highlighted in red on the “Thresholds” tab:

And the entire test would be marked as failed:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! Just to add some clarifications. So this means that the main basis whether if the test is pass or fail (Expected KPI of a scenario during peak load is <= 3 seconds as per requirement) will be thoroughly seen in the displayed metrics in k6 cloud? (i.e. p95, p99, min, max, avg) and NOT on the average response time displayed under “Performance Overview” Panel?

You would see results per URL on the HTTP tab, so if the test passed no applicable values there would be above the threshold you defined.

The average response time is the average across all URLs, and I think that it’s equivalent to the http_req_duration value, so if the test passed it should be less than your 3000 threshold.