Results after executing a local script into k6 cloud does not show

Hi all,

As far as I know previously, whenever we run a script from our local machine using k6 cloud…k6 still display the results info in the console (see image)

But right now, it is not displaying anymore after running k6 cloud command.

How to show the local result execution even if running it into k6 cloud?

Hi @mmm014 !

Let me try to help you!

It seems to me (please correct me if I am wrong) that in the first screenshot, you run the k6, using:

k6 run --out cloud script.js

And in the second screenshot, it’s like:

k6 cloud script.js

The key difference is where the execution happens. In the first case, it happens on your machine. In the second case, the execution is happening in the cloud (maybe even not in one instance). And in the second case, we don’t aggregate the summary on the local machine. We have an issue about it, but it’s not implemented.

Let me know if that answer,

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