Continuous assertions reporting possible?

We are evaluating a number of test tools at the moment with a view of running continuous load type tests towards a system, with built in asserts. The idea is that we would then upgrade in new versions of microservices one by one into the system onto which the load type tests are running.
These would be continuous long running tests and what I am wondering is, is there a way to get live reporting of results during the test run, rather than waiting for everything to complete and then getting a result at the end?

Hi, welcome to the community forum :tada:

I would recommend using an external output as I don’t think that the currently-in-development printing of the summary mid-test is ready, or will be useful for you given your description.

I would also recommend using --no-summary --no-thresholds as additional flags to lower the amount of memory needed by k6 if you aren’t going to be looking at the end of the summary and instead will use an external output.

Also, the external output will need to be able to handle the number of metrics k6 will generate. If none of the outputs work for you, using telegraf has worked previously for people to transpile from influxdb(for example) to other outputs and it can also be configured to aggregate metrics (not tested how well it works).

And obviously, the easiest, although maybe a pricier option depending on some factors, will be to use the k6 cloud, possibly with a custom pricing given that this sounds like a one time event - look at the " Looking for larger tests?" section.