K6 cloud New Relic integration

I am trying to get k6 cloud telemetry in New Relic. I was trying to follow this guide:

New Relic - I was unable to find “Cloud APM” configuration in my UI (with Pro version) and was told by Grafana support that:

Unfortunately, the Cloud APM feature has been deprecated and is no longer available. We are working on updating our documentation to reflect this.

Is there any way to get telemetry into New Relic using k6 cloud? I am not going to be using the local version, as I need to leverage the multi-region capabilities.

Am I understanding it correctly that there is no longer support for exporting metrics from k6 cloud?

Hi @korykirk

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There are no APM integrations under Grafana Cloud k6. I believe the team is documenting the deprecation of this feature in Add deprecation warning to cloud APM pages by heitortsergent · Pull Request #1342 · grafana/k6-docs · GitHub after you reached out to support. Only previous existing users of Grafana k6 can, and we’ll mark the deprecation as they should also move to Grafana Cloud k6.

I understand the need to send data to New Relic while leveraging multi-region capabilities. In that case, when not using the OSS k6, the best alternative would be to build dashboards on Grafana using the New Relic plugin.