How to create New Relic dashboard for k6?


I’m new to New Relic and have successfully integrated it with k6 but can’t figure out how to query the k6 metrics to get a useful visualization. Something similar to this from Load testing with k6 and New Relic | by Gary Spencer | Medium would be ideal.


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How did you do the integration, using StatsD? The metrics should be available with k6. Do you see any fields with the k6 prefix? We have some instructions in New Relic.

The link you shared I believe it was from someone working at New Relic, so not sure if they would be able to help out. Those are indeed nice dashboards.

Let me know if that helps, we can always create a task to improve this :bowing_woman:


This helped a bit, thank you. Yes, I did the integration with StatsD. I can’t stop dreaming of those dashboards though, I’ll do some trial and error to see what works.

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Hi @beretests, I need the same, do you have extra info about it?
In my case I see the metrics in New relic about my tests, and I tried to make the dashboards but I couldn’t create those same dashboards.


Hi @lucassebastiandlf I used the queries listed here - New Relic to create a k6 dashboard. They won’t be the same as the ones there but the numbers look correct

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