New xk6-dashboard look and feel

Hi All! There has been some interest in xk6- dashboard extension, so I spent a few days revising it. The initial version was a quick hack based on the xk6-prometheus extension. In the new version, I eliminated the prometheus dependency, the metric calculation is entirely based on k6. In addition, the initial simple UI has been replaced by an extensible React-based UI.
As always, I’m looking forward for your feedback.


@szkiba, that’s awesome! Glad to have you back! I’m looking forward to checking this out very soon.

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Hi @szkiba new dashboard so amazing thanks alot.

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Version v0.4.0 is ready, main new features:

  • Timings tab with HTTP timings metrics
  • Customizable UI with JavaScript configuration
  • 99th percentile values are available in trend metrics
    As always, I’m looking forward for your feedback…