New xk6-dashboard look and feel

Hi All! There has been some interest in xk6- dashboard extension, so I spent a few days revising it. The initial version was a quick hack based on the xk6-prometheus extension. In the new version, I eliminated the prometheus dependency, the metric calculation is entirely based on k6. In addition, the initial simple UI has been replaced by an extensible React-based UI.
As always, I’m looking forward for your feedback.


@szkiba, that’s awesome! Glad to have you back! I’m looking forward to checking this out very soon.

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Hi @szkiba new dashboard so amazing thanks alot.

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Version v0.4.0 is ready, main new features:

  • Timings tab with HTTP timings metrics
  • Customizable UI with JavaScript configuration
  • 99th percentile values are available in trend metrics
    As always, I’m looking forward for your feedback…

xk6-dashboard v0.7.1 is here! This release includes:

New design
The new user interface design fits better with the k6 cloud user interface. The implementation of the UI has also changed, its size has decreased a bit, the code has become more structured and maintainable.

New CLI tool
Subcommands that do not require running k6 have been added to a dedicated CLI tool (k6-web-dashboard). The main reason for this is that soon the xk6-dashboard will be included in k6 as an experimental module and it will no longer be possible to use subcommands. The aggregate, replay and report commands will still be available with the help of the dedicated CLI.