New xk6-dashboard with reslts replay support

Hi All,

Version xk6-dashboard v0.4.3 is ready, main new features:

  • replay results: the extension adds a dashboard replay subcommand to the k6 command line, which can be used to play back test run results previously saved in JSON format for the dashboard.
$ ./k6 dashboard replay --help

The replay command load the saved JSON results and replay it for the dashboard UI.
The compressed file will be automatically decompressed if the file extension is .gz

  k6 dashboard replay file [flags]

      --config string   UI configuration file location (default: '.dashboard.js')
      --host string     Hostname or IP address for HTTP endpoint (default: '', empty, listen on all interfaces)
      --open            Open browser window automatically
      --period 10s      Event emitting frequency (default: 10s), example: `1m` (default 10s)
      --port int        TCP port for HTTP endpoint (default: 5665), example: 8080 (default 5665)
  -h, --help            help for replay

As always, I’m looking forward for your feedback…