JSON Data with Raw Document is only 1 element deep

When using Metrics: Raw Document and Options ->Table Transform: JSON Data it is only possible to select the top level items. You cannot select nested options like you are able when doing a direct query on a metrics. Is it possible to change the depth of selection on a Raw JSON to a lower level item? I would like to be able to browse the nested JSON and make a lower level selection. Currently the items are displayed as “[object Object]”


I’m trying to do the same. In my case i connect to an elasticsearch DB. If json has more than a level or an array grafana doesn’t show all the data.
I didn’t see any possibility to get the information.

Grafana: 7.1.5
ElasticSearch: 7.6

I believe that’s the limitation of the table panel. I hope grafana team would come up with a solution soon enough.