Json api - problems with url

Hello everyone,
We are starting with grafana and I have some questions that arise when configuring the JSON API plugin.
Our problem is that when defining the path to test it adds a url base: url:"api/datasources/proxy/uid/g…

This gives an error and I can’t figure out how to eliminate this base so that the url remains, starting with what we put in the type path: http:—

Any ideas?


Can you please post an image scrren capture of what you are seeing in the data source you have configured for the plugin?

Thanks for your answer.
Here you have the screenshot of JSON API config:

Then I try to explore and I hve to configure again:

As you can see…the JSON API adds a prefix on the url…then I have and error.

I want to import data for energy consumtion… receiving that info…and make analytics

Its not the plugin. Seems like you yourself have added it on both the plugin config as data source and the GET path

The url for the plugin datasource should be host and port only

Well I have added the plugin, here you have the data source:

Is it better to remove from definition HEADERS?

Step by step:

  • I have defined a “Data Source” with plugin “JSON API”. Here is the config with url and HEADERS.
  • Second step I try to explore or create a Dashboard…then here problems start:
    • I add on path the url to complete the basic one
    • I add params.

If I only se the pending url…I don’t know why we only have the url on path and not …“Base url” + “path”


I didnt say to remove that