Adding json datasource

Hoping to get some better direction here. I have a JSON datasource that I’m working on configuring on our instance, all it needs to do is read a file on the filesystem and we’ll setup the query/alerting. The file is a json file living on the filesystem however I can’t determine how the URL should be configured on the datasource so it can access the file on the local system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


none of the plugins can access file on disk for obvious reasons. what is the source of this json file? How is it generated?

The json is created by a constantly updating service to show its current status in a date/time format, I was attempting to pull in the json so we could monitor the status because if we reach a certain threshold say 15 minutes or so behind present date/time then we need to take action.

And this service you speak of is what service. Maybe you can directly plugin the end point of that service so that grafana can consume it. If you can share what service it is we might point you in the right direction otherwise it would be shooting in the dark.

again you cant read a json file directly from grafana unless you somehow serve it using nodejs for example.