JSONPath in JSON API plugin returns no data

I’m working with the following public dataset of simple JSON from the GDELT API:


Structure of this JSON payload looks like this, with one object, containing an array of “articles”

In Grafana cloud, I’m using what looks like the right JSONPath to extract some simple fields out of this (data source tested and working) but no series are returned in the explorer, so I can’t seem to build dashboards from this.

What am I potentially missing? Is there any way to debug and see what API data Grafana cloud sees so I can tell if it’s a trivial JSONPath error, or what else might be going wrong?

One thing I’ve been playing with in the data source configuration dialog is whether the entire URL is specified in the URL box, or whether the query params are separated out into a different string or not.

Trying various variations of this did not seem to fix the issue within one data source.

When I completely deleted the data source, and re-created it (this time with the URL parameters in the params box at the bottom) - it appeared to start working.

Lesson learned here is that in this dialog:

Do not put query params into the URL field, instead make sure they go here:

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Which data points in this json do you want to plot on what kind of visualization? bar chart? Stats?

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Actually at first I was going for the table view on a dashboard with select columns. It isn’t a very quantitative UI but it’s good for showing a list of scraped URLs about any topic by keyword search, so it acts as a kind of search intelligence radar.

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