Issues with Azure monitor data source provisioning with scripts


I have been trying to add a data source for Azure monitor integration with Grafana with scripts but its not happening. Could someone please help?

Case - If I try to add the data source form Grafana portal, it works absolutely fine. That would mean I dont have any issues with authentication or firewall rules.

When I try to replicate the same with yaml scripts in configuration file of grafana, nothing pops up in the portal.

I have placed the below script under data sources in grafana.ini file

Script used -

config file version

apiVersion: 1


  • name: Azure Monitor
    type: grafana-azure-monitor-datasource
    access: proxy
    clientId: ******
    cloudName: azuremonitor
    subscriptionId: ******
    tenantId: ******
    clientSecret: ******

    version: 1

We are running on Grafana v7.5.4

Would be good to get some help on this one, thanks

To add, the only error from grafana logs which I can find is -
Failed to register plugin: plugin with ID “grafana-azure-monitor-datasource” already loaded from “/usr$
$aded from “/usr/share/grafana/public/app/plugins/datasource/grafana-azure-monitor-datasource”]”