Facing issue in datasource provisioning

Im facing the issue while updating the yaml for creating a new datasource.

I want to create new datasource from backend. so i used provisioning the datasource by changing the content in the yaml file.


  1. Sometimes datasource is not getting created (not shown in the grafana)
  2. It is taking more time to get reflecting in datasource list in grafana
  3. The field values (ex: For Azure monitor datasource- client id, tenant id,subscription) is not getting filled in the created datasource.

Can you provide more details? This is kind of vague.

  • name: AzureTest
    type: grafana-azure-monitor-datasource
    orgId: 1
    typeLogoUrl: public/plugins/grafana-azure-monitor-datasource/img/logo.jpg
    access: proxy
    url: /api/datasources/proxy/10
    isDefault: false
    cloudName: azuremonitor
    subscriptionId: xxx
    tenantId: xxx
    clientId: xxx
    logAnalyticsDefaultWorkspace: xxxx
    azureLogAnalyticsSameAs: true
    keepCookies: []
    editable: true

Here i updated this datasource code in sample yaml file(default file) under datasource provisioning folder of garfana working directory. Eventhough i am providing the details of client id and tenant id, those are not filled in the created datasource in garfana site.

There in the URL:/api/datasources/proxy/10, ihave used some random number 10


Could you please help me on this ?