Issues after upgrade


I’ve upgraded Grafana from 7.3 to 10.0 with “yum install grafana” command.
The upgrade itself did not produce any errors, but after upgrade, when I tried to restart Grafana, I get the following output:

# /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S80grafana-server start
Starting Grafana Server: ...                               [  OK  ]

Then I checked the og folder /var/log/grafana and there was no log file.
Then I compared my startup file “/etc/rc.d/init.d/grafana-server” with a fresh one.
I saw that the option “server” is missing from this line:

DAEMON_OPTS="--pidfile=${PID_FILE} --config=${CONF_FILE} --packaging=rpm cfg:default.paths.provisioning=$PROVISIONING_CFG_DIR${DATA_DIR} cfg:default.paths.logs=${LOG_DIR} cfg:default.paths.plugins=${PLUGINS_DIR}"

original is like:

DAEMON_OPTS="server --pidfile=${PID_FILE} --config=${CONF_FILE} --packaging=rpm cfg:default.paths.provisioning=$PROVISIONING_CFG_DIR${DATA_DIR} cfg:default.paths.logs=${LOG_DIR} cfg:default.paths.plugins=${PLUGINS_DIR}"

What is that “server” option is for ?

The interesting output is that, when I add that “server” option,
1- I can see logs in grafana.log file
2- The server starts but does not support https and does not use my SSL certificates. Also does not use the LDAP authentication configured.
3- It seems like it does not use my config file (/etc/grafana/grafana.ini)

If I remove the “server” option from DAEMON_OPTS ,
1- It starts and uses my configuration (https, LDAP etc.)
2- It does not write any log to /var/log/grafana
3- I can access Grafana on https but not all config seems to be working.
4- Startup command writes “FAILED” at the end.

What is wrong , and how can I fix it ?


No ideas ?
anyone ?

hi @ilkeraktuna1

try updating via YUM as indicated here:

I already did that.
The problem is not about installation.
Did you read my problem about the “server” option in startup script ?