Issue in converting Grafana Dashbaord name to Link, with Special character

Its seems like there is an issue in generating URL from Grafana dashboard, check the below example.

Dashboard Name                                   Generated ID in link

My testing DASHBOARD				 my-testing-dashboard
My$$$$$$testing-------DASHBOARD	                 my-testing-dashboard
My@@@@@testing@DASHBOARD                         myatatatatattestingatdashboard

You can see that irrespective of the special character used(exception: @, ‘@’ converted to ‘at’) and its occurrence, they are converted to 'single - ’ in the id.

So if have two dashboard with name, ‘My# Dashboard’, ‘My – Dashboard’ both will have the same id in link ‘my-dashboard’.

So now if i try to link a panel to dashboard using Drilldown/ detail link, using the either of the name( ‘My# Dashboard’, ‘My – Dashboard’). I can’t grantee which dashboard will actually get linked.

There’s an open issue for this: