Grafana 5.0 Dashboard folders


New grafana 5.0 looks nice. I’m trying Dashboard folders. It could clean up dashboards.

But at this time I cannot used it, because URL to dashboard is not predictable. It would be nicer to use name of folder instead of some number.

Ugly URL: https://…/grafana/d/000000035/dashboard_name?refresh=5m&orgId=1
Nice URL: https://…/grafana/d/folder_name/dashboard_name?refresh=5m&orgId=1

Is it possible allow nice URL?

nope, we need a URL that does not break if you change the dashboard name or folder name or move the dashboard.

We will likely add the folder name to the URL for dashboads as well for readability so it will be /d/G8Xls6jkk/folder-title-dashboard-title if you change the folder name or dashboard the URL will still work and grafana will redirect to the correct URL (with the updated titles)

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I think there are two ways to identify the dashboard in the URL

a) Identification via generated IDs that allow the dashboard to be moved and renamed. I understand the benefits of this solution, but it is not backward compatible with grafana 4.6. For my way of deploying grafana it is totally unusable.

b) Identity through folder and name without knowledge of generated ID. In my solution, dashboards are automatically generated and imported. The names are created by combining the name of the server and the name of the monitored application. External application links automatically generated dashboard through the URL strictly based on the dashboard name. Adding to a URL generated ID is not technically feasible for me. That’s why I do not like the G8Xls6jkk in URL /d/G8Xls6jkk/folder-title-dashboard-title.

Grafana 4.6 has used a URL in the format
…/grafana/dashboard/db/ dashboardname?refresh=5m&orgId=1
…/grafana /render/dashboard-solo/db/dashboardname?orgId=1&panelId=1&width=500&height=200

I would be inclined towards a solution that will allow both ways of URL.

I think that the old 4.6 format will still work in Grafana 5.0. So this url /grafana/dashboard/db/ dashboardname?refresh=5m&orgId=1 will still be valid and will just redirect to the new format as long as there is only one dashboard with that title.

Another change is that Grafana 5.0 is removing the requirement for unique dashboard names so it is possible to match two or more dashboards if they have the same name.

Today I upgraded from betra to latest version 5.0.0-1. Old URL format from 4.6 (/grafana/dashboard/db/dashboardname?refresh=5m&orgId=1) doesn’t work.

Is there any solution?

What do you mean that it doesn’t work? Just tested locally and both of these urls work:


I haven’t tested with a subpath - do you have a proxy in front of Grafana?

Excuse me, it was my fault. After restart it works. Subpath works for me too.

At this time I’m testing url for rendering graph as picture.

Old 4.6 link looks like. It seems that is incorrect for 5.0.

For 5.0 works this

Thanks for reporting this. Will check if we missed making this backwards-compatible.