Grafana dashboard URL is keep changing

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I am using Grafana latest version 5.2.1 and url for my dashboard is shown below,


I am using this URL to redirect from my other program.

Now part of this URL changes every time, For e.g.



Wondering what URL i should use that can work every time. I never had this problem using older version of Grafana.

I am using standard redirect using Struts and dashboard name is “jtidetaildashboard” Ideally, the URL should be,


But this is not the case, wondering what i am missing?

The unique identifier allows having persistent URL’s for accessing dashboards, sharing them between instances and when using dashboard provisioning. This means that dashboard can be renamed without breaking any links. We’re changing the url format for dashboards from /dashboard/db/:slug to /d/:uid/:slug . We’ll keep supporting the old slug-based url’s for dashboards and redirects to the new one for backward compatibility. Please note that the old slug-based url’s have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Something/someone is changing your dashboard uid - you need to find a reason of uid changes.