Custom URL format, dropping slug

Per Dashboard model, persistent URLs and API changes, the dashboard URL format is:


Say, I have a dashboard called “Here goes some title”. So the slug part of the URL will be here-goes-some-title. Now, if I change the uid from its initial random value to here-goes-some-title, then the final URL will be:

Which doesn’t look too nice. Even if the uid and title were just one word long, still such duplication doesn’t look nice.

Can the slug part be dropped somehow? The dashboard is perfectly discoverable by just, but once it’s opened, the slug part is added to the URL in the address bar.

Also, the slug seems to be a bit useless, because even still opens the “Here goes some title” dashboard.

Why are you trying to remove the uuid part of the url? Having a uuid keeps the dashboard url unique. We added this as it is quite common to want to have dashboards with the same slug but in different folders.

Perhaps, I am missing something, but in the second here-goes-some-title (which is the slug) is absolutely redundant.

The first here-goes-some-title (which is uid) already makes the dashboard URL to be unique. And of course I don’t want to remove it.

If you have enough dashboards and a couple of teams then you will end up having dashboards with generic names like “Application Metrics”. Adding a uid like d/000000029/application-metrics means that they don’t clash.

It also allows you to rename your dashboard without having to change the link. d/000000029/my-old-name will still work even though the slug is wrong.

That’s what I did, I renamed the dashboard’s uid from


So now the URL looks a bit ridiculous, as the slug (which comes from the dashboard title) became redundant.

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