Queries fail after renaming the dashboard

Perhaps this should be reported in the dashboard section. The error however is reported on the panel-level.

I have a simple dashboard which shows the load data from hosts. The data is collected by collectd and stored in influxDB.

I have configured the dashboard to show separate graphs for each host, as they are found in the host-field. Each host gets a separate row and is dynamically created based on the $host-variable

I saved a working dashboard, then changed the name of the dashboard, and as a consequence of this, all the graphs in the renamed dashboard now has an error in the upper left corner saying:

error parsing query: found ., expected identifier, string, number, bool at line 1, char 74

If I retrieve the previous version, which worked, the issue still remains. Reloading the page does not help either. All

This error seems to be quite prevalent in Grafana and is quite annoying, I’ve gotten more or less the same error (different location for the char) in similar cases, eg. when copying the exact same querystring, with the same variables available, to different panels or dashboards. No errors on the server-side logs are present.

Version of Grafana: 4.6.1

Very strange, we have no other reports similar to this.

Can you share the dashboard json that is failing (dashboard cog menu > View JSON).
And the dashboard that is working as well (before save as). So we can compare the dashboard json model and see what caused the breaking.

I redid the dashboards since starting from scratch, so I don’t have the originals anymore, but let me see if I can reproduce this and get back to you.