Is this a bug related to hover tooltips?

I have some graphs with an obscene :> amount of metrics that I have hover tooltips enabled for (w/ sorting) to help us troubleshoot issues. The main issue I am having is if the graph is near the middle of the screen the tooltip window will get cutoff at the top of the window as if there is no bounds being enforced.

I can reproduce it with Chrome and Edge and also on this public dashboard

The 2 graphs below the top row display this behavior in my Chrome browser.

I would really like this to work. Can someone confirm?


I can confirm I have the exact same bug - a feature to filter out low percentage values (same as we have in the pie chart) could be useful here.

I am also facing this issue.

This is an old post of Feb, 2019,

Please let me know if it is fixed now.

Vikram Goel