Tooltip for time series data does not show upper limit

The version is Grafana v8.4.7.

When graphing time series data and the upper limit of the plotted data is 0 and the upper limit of the displayed Y-axis is 0, a tooltip does not appear when the mouse hovers over the 0 area.

When the lower limit of the Y-axis is 0, tooltips can be displayed.

Tooltip mode is set to Single.
Is there any way to display it?

Hi @naokiteruya1,

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Based on your steps of reproduction, I was not able to reproduce it on my test machine.

Can you please try to reproduce this same issue on and then share the dashboard link so that we can view it?


Hi @usman.ahmad ,
Thank you for confirming this on the test machine.

I checked on and tooltip is displayed. (because Grafana version is v9.4.3?)

Since the version of AWS Managed Grafana is v8.4.7, I would appreciate any solution for v8.4.7.


Hi @naokiteruya1,

Thanks for the feedback. Since AWS runs their own managed Grafana, so in this specific case you can contact their support and ask for their plan as when the new version will get release (you can use this post as a reference so that they know about this issue as not happening in the newer version) and then they can give you an update :slight_smile:

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