Tooltips get overlapped by tooltips on the right (after upgrade)!


Grafana: Version 10.0.1 (commit: 5a30620b85, branch: HEAD)
OS: Rocky Linux 8.8

After performing the upgrade from version 9.5.1 to version 10.0.1 of Grafana, the tooltips in the “right” panels started to overlap those that are “on the left”, preventing the opening of the settings of the panel that is located to the left. Are there any bugs reported? Is there any fix?

Thank you.

This issue did not exist in 9.x?

No. Everything was working fine.

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regression. I would put in a bug report on github

Sorry, I’m new here… how can I report a BUG?

A regression bug is a bug which causes a feature that worked correctly to stop working after a certain event (system upgrade, system patching, daylight saving time switch, etc.). Very often an encompassed bug fix included in a patch causes the regression bug.

Report bug here:

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