Seeking assistance with panel alignment, Y-axis positioning, and graph tooltip configuration in Grafana


I hope this message finds you well. I am currently using Grafana and working with different panels for my project, including Gantt (marcusolsson/grafana-gantt-panel), State timeline (Core plugin), and Time series (Core plugin). However, I have encountered a few challenges and would greatly appreciate your guidance.

  1. Regarding the alignment of the time axis: I am aiming to align the time axis’s granularity, display format, and vertical lines across all the panels mentioned above. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the correct approach to achieve this alignment. Could you kindly provide instructions on how to accomplish this?
  2. Concerning the positioning of the Y-axis: I have noticed that some panels allow for Y-axis positioning customization, while others do not. For panels that do not offer this feature, is it impossible to control the width of the Y-axis?
  3. Regarding the configuration of the graph tooltip: I have set the “Graph tooltip” option in “Dashboard > Settings > General” to “Shared crosshair.” However, there are certain panels where the dotted line indicating the mouse position does not appear. Is it possible to enable this feature and display the dotted line on these specific panels?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can provide regarding these matters. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards, Takahiro from Japan