Is there an ARMv6 version that will use mysql

Hi, I have a Pi Zero W that I’m using as a data collector from a small solar power system. I’m using this Pi because of it’s low power draw.
I installed your latest version (downloaded from your website), but the service wouldn’t start. After much searching I found a post that said that the PiZW needs ArmV6. Again, much searching later I’ve now installed Grafana V4.1.2 and it runs on my PiZW… UNFORTUNATELY it doesn’t support MySql as a datasource… Grrrrrrrr

So, my question is this…
Is there a version of Grafana that will run on a PiZW AND support MySql?


Hi @sippa,

We are evaluating the popularity and required effort to maintain an official ARMv6 package. You can follow the discussion here: