Is it possible to see the sum of multiple metrics in the CloudWatch plugin?


I would like to see all the published of all my AWS SNS topics in the Grafana dashboard.
When I tried, I could see the individual values of each SNS topic on the dashboard, but I could not see the whole sum of them.

So, is there any way I can sum up all of my AWS SNS topics in Grafana?

  • I using Grafana v6.1.4 (fef1733).



No cloudwatch query api does not support this

Thank you for the update.
I thought I could add metrics using grafana. Even if cloudwatch does not. I was wrong.

Maybe you can use CloudWatch metric math, which is already supported in the CloudWatch Grafana datasource.

Thank you for the update.
I have already tried the metric math, but unfortunately, there are only 100 possible sums of metrics.
I want to sum more than 100 sns topics. :slight_smile: