Is Grafana 8-10 version unusable in an on-premises environment without internet connectivity?

Hello, I have successfully installed Grafana, but due to company policy, I cannot use the internet. Is it necessary to have an internet connection for Grafana 8-10 versions?

I want to control ansible using the rest api plugin, but there is a problem with the existing 7.5 version.

hello @fnzlvj365

It is not necessary, but to install and update plugin versions, it may be necessary, or you can also install via package by downloading directly from the website/github.

Some plugins may require internet access to work, but there are few, I think just Geomap and Wordmap.


Thank you so much for your reply. @bernardolankheet !!!

After rpm installation When I ran Grafana, a warning window appeared.

I thought that progress was not possible in the simple execution stage.

I need to take a closer look at the options in the configuration file.

thank you!!!