Installing plugins on a windows server without Internet access

I am trying to install a plugin on a computer without internet access. Most previous posts on this subject have been told to “read the documentation”.
that says:

Installing Plugins Manually

If your Grafana Server does not have access to the Internet, then the plugin will have to downloaded and manually copied to your Grafana Server.

The Download URL from API is in this form:<plugin id>/versions/<version number>/download

You can specify a local URL by using the --pluginUrl option.

grafana-cli --pluginUrl<plugin-id>-<plugin-version>.zip plugins install <plugin-id>

Sorry but I don’t have a URL, I have a zip file as the download. I unzipped this into the plug ins directory for Grafana but the folder structure does not match that of other plug ins, it looks more like an install file. For example when I try running the plug in it says:
This seems to say it expected a “/module” sub directory but instead I have a “.tscache”, “\dist” and “\src” folders in the zip file. The main folder has a package.json file which I usually associate with install packs.

I then tried using PowerShell and ran:

 D:\temp> C:\grafana-5.4.3\bin\grafana-cli plugins install .\black-mirror-1-singlestat-math-v1.1.6-12-g0aca146\
Failed to send requesterrorGet d
ial tcp: lookup no such host
Error: ✗ Failed to send request. error: Get
2-g0aca146: dial tcp: lookup no such host

   Grafana cli plugins install - install <plugin id> <plugin version (optional)>

   Grafana cli plugins install [arguments...]

So what have I done wrong?


Just unzip the .zip file to the plugins directory.

There should be a folder with name of the plugin, then the folders you mentioned inside this, example:

In here there will be json/js files and the src/dist folders. Start grafana and the plugin will be loaded