Feature request : grafana-cli download-only locally

Good morning,
i would like to know if there is a way to download locally all last versions of Grafana Plugins to install them later offline ?

For example : grafana-cli plugins download-all -localpath /home/user/plugins

Thanks in advance.

Is it a foolish question ?

I don’t think grafana-cli can do that.

What’s your overall objective here? You can certainly (manually) download plugins, and then install from those downloads at your leisure. But before getting into that, I’m curious why that’s the workflow you’re trying to go for. (As opposed to simply installing the plugins)

in fact i would like to be able to create an iso with all plugin packages without being obliged to install them.
For the moment i’m obliged to do :

systemctl stop grafana-server.service
cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins/
rm -rf *
for i in {`grafana-cli plugins list-remote | cut  -d " " -f 2`}; do grafana-cli plugins install $i; done

for i in *
[ -d "$i" ] && zip -r "$i.zip" "$i"