Invalid semicolon separator

Hello everyone,
I have updated my Grafana server from 7.3.5 to 8.3.0 and I have an error that is in the grafana.log which is “failed to parse query parameters” loggers=context error=“invalid semicolon separator in query”. I guess it’s related to the database but I can’t find anything about this error.
I am on CentOs7 and my db is sqlite3.
I updated by running yum update.
Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
Thank you

This sounds like it might be related to an actual query inside a dashboard and note Grafana’s internal DB.

Did you have pre-existing dashboards before updating? And where those querying any SQL-based datasource like MySQL or Postgres?

If so, this is probably related to the breaking change that SQL datasources went through in Grafana 8. I would read this note in the changelog, follow the links, and see the new workaround and transformations that you can use to migrate tables like these to G8:

also, below your query in query editor, try changing the Format As value from time-series to table