Installing on an AWS system with a private IP and a public IP

I am trying to install Grafana on my Amazon AWS system but cannot figure out how to setup the custom configuration file to allow access. The AWS system has two IP addresses but if I run ipconfig it only shows the private IP address. If I put that in the configuration (http_addr = Then on the AWS system I can access Grafana but I cannot access it from my Desktop. If I put in the public IP (http_addr = then Grafana fails to start with this message: ←[31mEROR←[0m[02-25|19:54:23] Startup failed←[31merror←[0m=“Fail to start server. error: listen tcp bind: The requested address is not valid in its context.”. If I leave this filed empty (;http_addr = ) and fill in the root_url = Grafana starts but I still cannot access from my Desktop nor can I access from a locally running browser. Can you help explain how to configure this? Thank you.
David Fisher


So are you trying to install Grafana on AWS and expose it publicly? Skip changing the root_url and set the domain to your IP address and the port configuration. Make sure that there are no firewall blocking somewhere.

Have you looked in the possibility to use some kind of load balancer (ELB)?