Grafana wont bind to an IP address?



I have just installed Grapfana on a ubuntu VM via esxi6.5. I can log into grafana via localhost:3000, but for some reason grafana doesnt seem to get an IP address?

the startup log states 0:0:0:0 for the ip address? I have tried to manually change the config.ini file to add the ip address of my local host ( but that does not fix the problem.

Is there something else i should be doing?



Do you have a firewall blocking access to grafana by ip?



I don’t have any specific firewall rules set up to block access. I think it might be something to do with Linux getting access to port 3000?


I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 and have no problem accessing my local Grafana instance on my current IP, i.e.

Could it be a esxi network issue? Can you ping the machine using external ip for example?



yes i can ping the machine. I access the machine using a webgui and vmware esxi.



Okay. Just to clarify my earlier answer. I’m on Grafana v5.0. I used the default grafana configuration:

# Protocol (http, https, socket)
protocol = http

# The ip address to bind to, empty will bind to all interfaces
http_addr =

# The http port  to use
http_port = 3000

# The public facing domain name used to access grafana from a browser
domain = localhost

What grafana version are you using?




You just need to bind ip address in server section of grafana.ini configuration file.

http_addr =

Hope it works for you.