Workaround for Mac - but is bound to a particular IP address

This is a continuation to my earlier post:

I was able to find a workaround to make Grafana run on my Mac. I did not use homebrew because of the error mentioned above, but instead ran the following:
grafana-server --config=/usr/local/etc/grafana/grafana.ini --homepath /usr/local/share/grafana cfg:default.paths.logs=/usr/local/var/log/grafana cfg:default.paths.plugins=/usr/local/var/lib/grafana/plugin

This works and I am able to access the Grafana page in my browser. But unfortunately it has somehow bound itself to home IP address and works only at home.
If I access this in office (a different IP), it fails with the error:

**EROR[07-02|14:26:40] Startup failed **
error="Fail to start server. error: listen tcp XXX.XXX.0.XXX:3000: bind: can’t assign requested address"
The IP address which is shown in the error message is actually my home IP.

I don’t see any IP address hardcoded or HTTP binding in the grafana.ini file. Any tips on how to get past this error and use my grafana at office too?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @acedev
You can search http_addr

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Hello @thachnv92
Thank you for your kind response. Based on your screenshot, I searched for “http_addr” in my grafana.ini file (not sure if this is the only place where I need to make the change) and uncommented the http_addr part, although it had no IP address written against it.
When I try to re-run Grafana it still throws an error that it can’t assign the requested address.
Really not sure if I am doing the configuration right.

You must uncomment this line and insert your IP to it.

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This works as well! :slight_smile:
I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

I just comment on your post :smile:

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You can give me a few vote :smile:

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