Installing docker-desktop plugin on Grafana cloud instance

Hi guys!

I hope all of you are doing well. I trying to use the docker-desktop plugin in my Grafana cloud instance. so I get to the next page:

but when I press the install button I’m getting an error.

I debugged the error and it seems to be related to

Is there anything I can do to be allowed to test the plugin?

intercom io is a live support chat feature, so it is not related to your problem.

Your problem is “Quota reached”. You have some quota, maybe limit for number of datasources/connections. Check doc for used plan and contact Grafana support eventually (if it is included in your plan).

the error i showed you is about intercom, there is not any error from grafana api servers

Hi @danielgonzalez,

As @jangaraj said if you have support contract included in your plan then please contact support.

If not, then please open a new issue about this in our official GitHub repository using this link.

Provide all the information (you can simply copy/paste your data + screenshot from here to there).

Lastly, paste the link to your GitHub issue here in this post so that all other community users can also track it. I will also add more additional information to it :+1: