Install Grafana Cloud Agent on AWS ECS


I have an application which is running on AWS ECS. I want to use Grafana Cloud to see the metrics and dashboards. The app is running in a docker container and is exposing Prometheus metrics on a static port. What would be the best way to install the Grafana Cloud Agent on AWS ECS so I can send the metrics to Grafana Cloud?

Hi @uzugic,

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Although, I do not have expertise when it comes to AWS cloud. But I will try to help you here.

So I believe that you have all setup in terms of application and even have a running Prometheus.

So as a starting point please view this documentation:

Also, as I understood that you simply want to see the metrics which is already up and running in the background You can read this blog post which defines how to visualize them by importing a pre-configured dashboard on your grafana server.

I hope this helps.

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