Grafana Cloud agent and graphs, but on a self hosted Grafana instance

My first experience of grafana was installing a self hosted server, and using telegraf agent to collect metrics and send them back to the server. I found a generic Linux System dashboard, and one for Mysql, and have used them for 2-3 years.

I recently did some work for another client, and suggested grafana for monitoring a troublesome server. They went for the grafana cloud version, using the grafana agent, and then just activating the built-in ‘integrations’ that were available on the cloud server.

I think I prefer the simpler grafana agent + grafana cloud integrations dashboards. Is it possible to switch my existing servers over to using the grafana agent and cloud dashboards, but logging to my self-hosted grafana instance. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few days, but havent managed to figure it out. Is it possible? Is there a walkthrough anywhere around the internet that has escaped my googling?

So obviously the first step would be adding the prometheus data store on the server, as telegraph uses influxdb.

After that I’m a bit lost … I can follow the instructions to install grafana static agent on the client machine, but can’t see how to link them together.

And then how to install the dashboards that Grafana Cloud uses, on a self-hosted server?

Possible? Not possible?