Configuring Grafana Agent to Send ECS Metrics to Prometheus: Seeking Guidance

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing a challenge with configuring Grafana Agent to send metrics from ECS Fargate tasks to Prometheus. Despite following various guides and documentation, I haven’t been able to find a working configuration that successfully collects ECS Fargate metrics and sends them to Prometheus for monitoring.

Description of the Issue:

I have deployed Grafana Agent as a Docker container within my ECS Fargate tasks.
I’ve configured the agent.yaml file.
However, Prometheus doesn’t seem to scrape metrics from Grafana Agent, and I’m unable to visualize ECS Fargate metrics in Prometheus or Grafana.

Request for Assistance:
I’m reaching out to the community for guidance on how to properly configure Grafana Agent to collect ECS Fargate metrics and send them to Prometheus. If anyone has successfully set up this integration or has experience troubleshooting similar issues, I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice you can provide.

Additional Details:

I’m using ECS Fargate for container orchestration, and Grafana Agent is deployed as a Docker container within the Fargate tasks.
Prometheus is deployed separately and is functioning correctly.
Grafana Agent and Prometheus are in the same VPC and can communicate with each other.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

Looking forward to your responses.

Best regards,
Priya Goyal

I would use ADOT: Set up metrics ingestion from Amazon ECS using AWS Distro for Open Telemetry - Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

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Use that example as example how to setup collection. End metric storage is just config change: AMP, Grafana Cloud, on-prem Prometheus,…

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