Inspect->Data shows Time with Seconds but CSV output has no seconds

When I try to export data from a Dashboard I am trying to use “Inspect->Data” and the table appearing has all I need. But once I click on the “Download CSV”, the csv file (time column) does no longer show any seconds rendering the result unusable.

How can I get the CSV Download to include seconds?

I am using Grafana 10.1.5

May be seconds really exist in CSV, but they are just not shown in the software that you are using to view the CSV file?

For example, by default Excel doesn’t display seconds, but changing the format of time column allows to change that behaviour. I.e. h:mm**:ss** format could be used to view time with seconds.

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wow, that is mega embarrassing. You are correct, I always used Excel instead of looking at the raw file. my bad!