Table dashboard export to CSV

How do I export a table dashboard?
Have looked around and can’t find how to do it. It was possible in older version 6.?
I upgraded to 7.3.1 today.
Is it only for enterprise versions?

In the Panel context Menu, you will find the Inspect, then choose Data.
Panel context menu is the same when you edit the panel, find the Inspect, then you will find the Download to CSV after select data

This is expected… You can observed that the time is 1970, it’s because you don;t have “time” column in the sql query.
You need a column that named as “time” to bring the time series to chart and calculate into the panel. In the table panel, yes, you can show the table result, you can use Tranform if you want yo show as you want regarding the table panel. For nother panel that need time series, you need to have the timestamp information

If you use Grafana v 7.3.4, you can find this in the Inspect - Data

I run v7.3.1. And we are running on Redhat on Power(IBM) and I can’t find any version for ppc64le on Grafana. The latest version IBM have compiled is 7.3.1.
So I probably need to wait for them to do it.

I’ve upgraded it to 7.3.4 now, but the strange thing is that I don’t get the same as you have in the picture above with “Data options” under Inspect.
But I found the issue, so it’s working now. I made a mistake, I did not choose Table as Format. When I changed it to that I got all lines to download to CSV.