Inspect: Download CSV

I have created a Panel, the x-axis is time, from InfluxDB the value is epoch time with milliseconds.
If I Inspect the data and Download CSV, the Time values are in date time format with second resolution.

Is there a way to download csv with date time format with milli-second resolution?

Thank you,

did you try using the toggle in that modal that saw to use the raw data?

Hi Mattabrams,
Thank you for the quick response. The issue I have is the field is time, if I disable Formatted Data, I see epoch time with milli-second resolution. If I enable Formatted Data, the data is in date time with second resolution.
Is there a way to force format to date time with milli-second resolution? Have created some panels, and I see time formatted like 01:02:03.750 and other panels, see 01:02:03. Would prefer the 01:02:03.750 format.

Greatly appreciate you assistance.
Thank you,