InfluxDB worked for a few weeks and recently has stopped working

I am using a python script and influxdb python module to post data from a raspberry pi to the influxdb installation on the same pi.

Things worked great for a few weeks and lately I had issues refreshing the dashboard I built. So today the dashboard has stopped updating and I did my usual trick to edit each panel and list the “from” that used to have a number of items from different script running with different “from”. Now this list no longer loads. I 'Save and test"ed my influxdb settings in grafana and it reports bad gateway. I tried to run influxdb in terminal and couldn’t get connected.

I am not experienced in database so I’m asking for some basic methods to check:

Whether influxdb is running
How to get into its command prompt if running influx command isn’t connecting to the server
Is my web server broken? I would like to know what to check.
I’m running raspbian on an sd card. Maybe having influxdb is too much for an sd card?

Thank you!