"No data" in panel but database is working?

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 and Grafana 7.4.3 and influx DB 1.8.10
I write a small python programm to read out a pt100 temperature sensor and save the values in an influx database. Logging and database seem to work, I can open the database on my raspberry pi and I see the right values and timestamps.
Now I want to connect the influx databse to grafana and grafana tells me “no data” in my panel although I can connect to the database? “Save and test” says “data source is working” and I can choose between my two stored values in “select field” “temperature” and “resistance” but no data is shown
I don’t know what is wrong?
My other databases from iobroker are working normal and I can show data in panels
Thank you! Regards

I had a problem with utc time in my python program, the values where 2h in future so no data where shown for my actual time

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