Error pulling data from influxdb

Hi Guys,

since I’m searching the web for quite a few hours and found no solution I hope you can help me.
I’m running grafana and influxdb which gets populated by node-red on raspbian on my RaPi 4.
The problem is that I’m getting following log entries from grafana and everytime a log is created a random panel on my dashboard in grafana shows “No Data”. After the next refresh the panel shows the correct data again.

Grafana Log: logger=context t=2022-04-13T21:00:16.85+0200 lvl=info msg="Request Completed" me -

Grafana conf: ##################### Grafana Configuration Example ####################### -

Influx conf: https ://pastebin. com/4rhAsUAM

I hope you can help me.

I did not carefully read over all your attachments / links, but I use the same set up of
NodeRED >> InfluxDB >> Grafana
and have no issues and have never had the “No Data” message, other than when there is truly no data in Influx.

Just a few questions…

  1. Are you using Stat Panels or Time Series graphs or something else?
  2. How often are you populating Influx from NodeRED (e.g. every 10 seconds, once a minute, etc.)?
  3. Are you certain that a value is always being sent by NodeRED to Influx?
  4. Have you inspected the data in Influx to make sure there are no null values?

Tank you for your reply.

  1. I’m using stat panels and gauges and both are showing this error.
  2. I’m writing 10 measurments every 10 second and I’m reading 4 to and from influx.
  3. I’m guessing yes because NodeRED is not giving any error message in the debug console
  4. This would explain why the gauges are sometimes showing “no data” but for the stat panels i fill all null values so this shouldn’t be a problem there right?

Can you share your grafana and influx configs? MAybe I can find some differences.

Oh and it doesn’t matter on which device grafana is accesing the data from even from localhost the problem still persists.

Could it be a problem that I’m reading from influx with rednode and with grafana?


Thanks for your answers. In your last sentence above, you wrote that you are reading InfluxDB with Node-RED and with Grafana. In your original post, you stated you were sending data to Influx using Node-RED. Can you clarify how Node-RED is being used?

I am hoping that for the times when you get No Data, you can look directly in your InfluxDB data to see if there are any null values present. If yes, then Grafana is not the problem. If the data is complete and there are no nulls, then we have to figure out why this is happening.

Basically both NodeRed and Grafana are writing and reading from influx.
I can write varibles like temperature set point from grafana to influx and rednode is reading that value. But this is triggered manually and wasn’t when the error is happening.
Of course other values from sensors are writen from node red to influx and are beaing read from grafana.

What is the easiest way to monitor my database to check if there are any null values?

I’m trying now to set up influx and grafana on an vserver. This is something I wanted to do despite the error. I will see maybe this fixes the problem.

Which version of Influx are you using? If Influx 2.0 or higher, you can examine the data using Data Explorer, which is usually at http://your_server_ip_address:8086

I’m using version 1.8. Should i upgrade to influx 2.x?

I made the jump from 1.8 (InfluxQL) to 2.0 (Flux) about 6 months ago and I did not find the learning curve very hard. Once you get it set up, there are a lot of advantages. I would recommend you upgrade. Just allow some time to get your queries built in the new system.

I think I try to install 2.0 on my vserver. But I’m still waiting for the provider to activate the server… taking muuuuuch too long :slight_smile:

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Short update:
Finally they activated my server and I installed influx 2.0 and grafana and now the error is gone.
I don’t now why but I maybe it was the update to influx 2.0
Anyways thank you grant for your help :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Remember you can inspect & explore your Influx data at:


yes I already did but this is a bit overwhelming for today XD I will look into it tomorrow i guess ^^