Influx with FLUX, issue with FlowCharting plugin

i’m using Grafana 8.3.3 but the datasource for InfluxDB, using the FLUX syntax, doesn’t work as expected with the FlowCharting plugin. Here below i’m describing the issue and the probable root cause.

When you configure the FlowCharting plugin, in the ‘Mapping’ section you have the possibility to create several rules. Each rule can be associated to a specific query in order to display the data you want. In the field ‘Apply to metric’ you should have the the list of queries with the name you gave them.
Instead using the FLUX language, the list of proposed queries doesn’t show the name of the queries but is a very complex string (an hashmap with several tag keys of the influx measurement).
It seems a minor bug, in reality in my case it’s quite impacting, as sometimes i can have up to 80-100queries configured and i’m using some regexp to match the query name.

With Flux is missing the field ‘ALIAS’ when you define the query, this field is used by the Flowcharting plugin to recover the various queries.

Hope to have an update!

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Hi Francesco,
I found some answers on GitHub and discussions:

Hope that helps