Infinity - UQL multi value filter not working

Hi Everyone,

I am using Infinity plugin and have a muti-value JSONata filter setup which is not working as expected for all the variable values,

My UQL query is parse-json | scope “data” | jsonata “*[name in [${Customer:singlequote}]]” …
where Customer is the multi-value variable.

Working: - when Customer = ‘Burger Town’
Not Working:- When Customer = ‘Brink’s’ get “error applying uql query” in Query Inspector

The UQL being sent is:- parse-json | scope "data" | jsonata "*[name in ['Brink\‘s’]]"

I suspect it has something to do with escaping the single quote (\') and tried switching the variable format to ${Customer:raw} in which case the quoting is turned off all together and query returns no data for all values.

Any help is appreciated.


read the docu

looks like a duplicate