In the snapshot of grafana v10.0.1, only one of the multiple data in the panel is not selected

I was using the grafana v7.3.7 version and upgraded to v10.0.1.
However, unlike previous versions of the snapshot, the ability to view only one or only the selected data on the panel disappeared. May I know why?
The screenshot below shows that it is working well with the v7.3.7 version of the snapshot.

Welcome @vanity134 to the Grafana forum.

What is your datasource?

Are you using template variables? They are not visible in the screenshots, and it is not clear from this statement:

If you are, what is the query for the above template variable(s)?

The data source is Prometheus.
Again, the panel screenshot above is a snapshot.

I’m telling you that v7.3.7 and v10.0.1 behave differently in snapshots from the same data source.

In summary, the data source is prometheus, but it doesn’t matter, and when you double-check a saved snapshot, v7.3.7 allows you to see everything and individual items, as shown in the screenshot above, but not individual items in the v10.0.1 version of the snapshot.

Could it be different due to template variables?